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Revolutionize your user experience with Driver’s in-site Search functionality. 

In the vast digital landscape, users crave an intuitive way to navigate and locate relevant content instantly. Driver’s Search template is the answer. 

Powered by the prowess of Algolia’s search technology, it promises not only quick, real-time results but also a nuanced search experience that understands the diverse nature of your content.

Designed with user-centricity, this functionality ensures that your audience can navigate the breadth of your content effortlessly and efficiently.

The in-site Search template consists of the following components:

Hero header strip

Boost online engagement and effectively convey your message. Showcase a descriptive or SEO-optimized page title atop a selected hero image.

Component details:

Customizable, SEO Friendly & Marketing focused Page Titles
  • Within the CMS, users can simultaneously craft both custom display page and SEO titles, aligning them with both brand and marketing strategies, as well as SEO requirements.
  • This feature enhances flexibility by supporting the creation of marketing-centric page titles while also enabling SEO-optimized titles to improve organic rankings.
  • Note: Take advantage of even greater customization with the ability to tailor navigation titles within the CMS, extending your control over your site’s presentation.
Custom hero Video or image
  • In the CMS, you have the option to display a custom hero video or photographic image allowing for a personalized and engaging visual experience.
Dynamic Breadcrumb
  • The breadcrumb trail is automatically positioned below the page title.



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Real-time dynamic Search field

Dive into a search experience that’s instantaneous. With the integration of Algolia, users will see results as they type, streamlining their quest for the right content.



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Tailored content filtering

Refine results display to showcase different content types. Our advanced filter system lets users hone in on exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s:
  • Page content,
  • Blog articles, or
  • Team member profiles.



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Comprehensive Search results

Each result is more than just a link. They’re presented with:
  • The content type,
  • A clear title,
  • A concise description based on the content excerpt, and
  • A direct hyperlink to view the content page/article.



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Seamless Pagination

For extensive searches, the results are organized with dynamic pagination, ensuring users can easily sift through and find the desired content without feeling overwhelmed.



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Call to Action ‘50/50’ strip module

The versatile Call to Action ’50/50′ strip is more than just a content feature; it’s designed for strong engagement that drives action.

With options for incorporating a featured video or image and carefully crafted text sections, it empowers you to create highly visual and impactful content presentations. You can tailor it for your specific needs, knowing that each element is easily editable to ensure the perfect fit for your audience.

Component details:

  • Card content options include:
    • Video
    • Image
    • Eyebrow text
    • Title
    • Description
    • CTA button with hyperlink to either internal or external web page
  • All card content elements are editable within the WordPress CMS, and simply leaving any one of them blank will automatically prevent that specific component from being displayed on the site. Accordingly, the card strip provides enormous content presentation flexibility to best meet your needs.
  • The ability to position the video or photographic image on either the LHS or RHS exists.



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