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The Team Member website template is your dedicated solution for showcasing the pillars of your organization – your team. 

With this intuitive template, you can delve into the nuances of each member’s role, expertise, and professional persona, creating an authentic connection with your audience.

The Team (Staff) Index template consists of the following components:

Hero header strip

Boost your online engagement effortlessly. Integrate an eye-catching Page Title that not only seizes attention but also crystalizes your message. Pair it with a breathtaking custom hero image to vividly represent your brand and articulate the essence of your content.

Component details:

Customizable, SEO Friendly & Marketing focused Page Titles
  • Within the CMS, users can simultaneously craft both custom display page and SEO titles, aligning them with both brand and marketing strategies, as well as SEO requirements.
  • This feature enhances flexibility by supporting the creation of marketing-centric page titles while also enabling SEO-optimized titles to improve organic rankings.
  • Note: Take advantage of even greater customization with the ability to tailor navigation titles within the CMS, extending your control over your site’s presentation.
Custom hero Video or Image
  • In the CMS, you have the option to display a custom hero video or photographic image allowing for a personalized and engaging visual experience.
Dynamic Breadcrumb
  • The breadcrumb trail is automatically positioned below the page title.



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Team Member Bio

Elevate your team’s presence with an enriching bio section.

Component details:

Person’s Image, Name & Position Title
  • Customize each member’s profile with their image, name, and position title directly through the CMS, making it simple to keep profiles updated and aligned with your brand.
Expertise category tags
  • Highlight your team member’s areas of proficiency with customizable expertise category tags.
  • Editable within the CMS, these tags allow you to showcase the unique skills and knowledge each member brings to the table.





Contact Details Card

Foster stronger connections by providing accessible contact details for each team member.

Component details:
Editable within the CMS, this card conveniently consolidates:

  • Landline phone number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Direct links to the person’s social media profiles



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Feature Content Card

Extend engagement by guiding visitors to essential content through the feature content card.

Component details:
Via page selection from within the CMS, you can utilize this module to promote key site content.

The selected page dynamically displays

  • Page thumbnail image
  • Page title
  • Page excerpt
  • A clickable button, adorned with customizable text, leading visitors to the content of choice.


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Flexible Content modules

Designed for versatility and tailored presentation, Driver offers a wide range of modules to best meet your content needs and communicate key information about the team member.

Options include:

  • Hero Header Strip
    • Set the tone with a compelling lead-in.
  • Full Set of Text Styles
    • Design effective content presentation with diverse typography options.
  • Bulleted & Numbered Lists
    • Organize information clearly and efficiently.
  • Photographic Image Carousel
    • Showcase a series of images interactively.
  • Photographic Image Module
    • Highlight impactful images.
  • Video Embed
    • Integrate videos to enhance content richness.
  • Feature Content Cards
    • Promote key internal or external content.
  • Call to Action ’50/50′ Strip
    • Drive user actions with balanced visuals and text.
  • Logo Module
    • Display client, supplier, or certification logos for trust-building.
  • Testimonial Module
    • Showcase client feedback and success stories.
  • FAQ Content Module
    • Answer commonly asked questions interactively.
  • Table Module
    • Present data and information in structured formats.
  • Social Media Embed
    • Integrate content from popular social platforms.
  • Rich Media Embed
    • Incorporate diverse media from platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud.
  • Functional Embed
    • Integrate tools like Calendly or Typeform for added functionality.
  • Feature Button Display
    • Direct users with clickable buttons, linked internally or externally.



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Related Content Cards” is an optional feature that users can choose to display at the bottom of a webpage.

This feature allows the selection of two hand-picked pages from within the website to be showcased as content cards.

Each content card will dynamically display the following components:

Content title:
  • The title of the selected page will be automatically displayed on the card.
  • A brief snippet or summary of the selected page will be automatically displayed on the card.
Thumbnail Image:
  • The designated thumbnail image of the selected page will be automatically displayed on the card.
  • A direct link to the selected page will be automatically displayed on the card.

This feature provides an efficient way to highlight related content and encourage users to explore more pages on the website.



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