The following components appear across all Driver templates.

These are core components that provide cohesive user experiences, essential functionality & assist drive conversions across the website.

Available in the following Driver version:  

Notification strip

The Notification strip allows the ability to promote important information in a feature strip that appears across all pages in the website once activated.

Component details:

  • Includes a succinct text field and CTA (Call to Action) button hyperlink that are both editable within the WordPress CMS.
  • Once activated to display, it appears across all web pages.
  • Users can select to close the Notification strip, and once this occurs, it will not appear anywhere on the site during their active viewing session.


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The main Navigation strip appears across the top of every website template (with the exception of the Campaign Landing Page template).

Component details:

  • Organisation logo (positioned on left hand side).
  • Top-level Parent navigation links (fully editable within the WordPress CMS) display horizontally in wider screen resolutions.
  • Child pages (also fully editable within the WordPress CMS) automatically appear in vertical drop down list in wider screen resolutions.
  • Feature Contact / CTA (Call to Action) navigation link (selectable within the WordPress CMS).
  • Search function icon.
  • Parent & Child pages fully accessible on mobile via intuitive vertical, multi-level mobile navigation design.


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Mailing List sign-up strip

Mailing List Subscription strip is an email field that dynamically integrates with either MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign or GetResponse email marketing account.


  • Should you find that an email marketing account is unnecessary or non-existent, rest assured that you can deactivate this feature. Whether during the design and development stage or as a component of our on-going website support, the option to turn off this functionality is always at your fingertips.


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The footer design is a highly functional and intuitive design with flexible components that are editable within the WordPress CMS.

Component details:

  • Logo placement
    • Positioned on the left hand side, and integrated during design phase.
  • Tagline / Key Marketing Message
    • Positioned underneath the logo on the left hand side.
    • Text is fully editable within the WordPress CMS.
  • Footer Menu
    • Contact Details, positioned on right hand side of footer, and includes:
    • hyperlink to main Contact page
    • hyperlink to call Telephone number
    • Address details with hyperlink to Google Map
  • Secondary Footer Menu
    • Enables the inclusion of up to three main navigation titles, each with hand-selected web pages displayed beneath them.
    • All three main navigation titles, along with their sub-level pages, can be edited within the WordPress CMS.
  • Social Media account icons & hyperlinks
    • All organisation social media accounts dynamically display at the base of the footer design and hyperlink directly to the account pages.
    • Social accounts available by default include LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.
    • Other relevant social accounts can effortlessly be included within the design and development phase, or at any point as part of on-going support services.


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