Brenton Cannizzaro

Digital Business Director

Are you looking to improve the effectiveness of your website? Here are ten essential aspects to consider for enhancing your website’s tactical efficiency.

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1. Focus on a “content-first” approach

Having poor content can make even the best website design ineffective.

Organize your content first, so that your website design can focus on presenting exactly what you need to communicate effectively.

Your design will always sing louder if it knows what it needs to say

2. Map out your site structure

The most effective way to organise your website structure is as follows:

  1. List all the pages you need,
  2. Group them into sections and subsections, and
  3. Make the number of top-level sections as few as possible, expanding through subsections for easier understanding.

3. Determine content hierarchy for key pages

The strategic ordering of information on a web page, where the most important information receives the most emphasis, is known as content hierarchy.

Determine this to ensure you’re presenting the most important information your audience is looking for.

4. Ensure your content has a purpose

Your potential customers may only view a single page.

As such, ensure that every page has a clear purpose and value to your target audience.

5. Use a copywriter

Writing for the web is a specialist area. If you can afford it, work with an experienced web copywriter, or use AI tools like ChatGTP, or WordHero if you can’t.

“No matter how good your content is, it must be well structured for viewing on screen and visually appealing for people to engage with it.”

Brenton Cannizzaro, Director at Avenue

6. Consider the impact of SEO campaigns

If you’re planning to run SEO campaigns, involve the SEO firm in your content and design process from the start to avoid rework and additional costs.

Remember: Branded marketing copy is NOT the same as search engine optimised copy.

7. Effectively present web content

Your web content needs to be presented so that it’s engaging, using heading styles, block quotes, images, and video to make it easier to read.

8. Avoid header carousels

Header carousels, especially on homepages, can slow down the page load speed of your website considerably.

Avoid using them and ensure important information is visible without being hidden or on delay.

9. Prioritize page speed

Page load speed is critical. Driver’s been developed with speed as a key factor, but you also need to look beyond the effectiveness of your platform and technical stack.

Try reducing image sizes and optimizing them with tools like TinyPNG, uninstalling unnecessary plugins, and avoiding scripts that aren’t 100% essential.

The slower your website, means lesser engagement, which results in less conversions, and ultimately, fewer customers.

Brenton Cannizzaro, Director at Avenue

10. Continuously review website performance

Understand how people use your website by installing Google Analytics and continually refine it to ensure optimal performance. Remember that your website is never finished.

By adhering to a process that involves reviewing, analyzing, refining, and repeating, you can make well-informed decisions regarding how to enhance your website’s effectiveness.

The “Continual Improvement” Website Philosophy
  1. Review.
  2. Analyse.
  3. Refine.
  4. Repeat.

Brenton Cannizzaro

Digital Business Director

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