Upgrade your web game with Driver & say goodbye to subpar web builder tools.

Small and medium enterprises have many web builder options available to them for creating an economical website. However, despite the many advantages of these web builders, they often fail to produce the desired results.

In this article, we outline the reasons why and how Driver, a strategic web platform that delivers a high-performing, lead generation-focused website, is the right alternate to common web builder tools and enable businesses to drive results.

Why web builder tools often fail

There’s no web strategy or guidance

Creating a website that effectively sells and generates leads is a hard task for most businesses, as it’s not their area of expertise.

The best web builder tool in the world cannot overcome a poor web strategy, and they don’t show you how to effectively create one.

They’re created to be “one size fits all”

Additionally, most web builder tools are created for any industry type, size, or purpose, making their solutions generic and not focused.

Quantity without focus does not equate to quality.

Moreover, there are often too many options, functionalities, and content modules in web builders, most of which aren’t necessary. As a result, many websites built with these tools become a confusing mess that lack intuitiveness and clarity.

They can be poorly constructed which results in a sub-par user experience

Finally, web builder tools usually have poorly designed and coded themes, which can result in a poor user experience.

Aggravating web content editing experiences

A key success criteria of any modern website lies in being able to easily manage and edit website content. So often web builder tools have unintuitive web content editing and administration experiences which lead to frustration, costly maintenance and lack of updates.


Driver fills the gap in small to medium business website solutions, providing a strategy-driven, high-performing website that drives leads and solves execution issues commonly found in web builder tools.

Brenton Cannizzaro, Digital Business Director, Avenue


Introducing Driver:
Your solution to moving past average & coming out on top

Driver is a strategic web platform for businesses focused on powerfully telling their story to drive business growth. It delivers a blistering-fast, easy-to-set-up-and-manage website platform that is focused on one thing – effectively communicating your organization to convert visitors into leads.

The key benefits of using Driver

1. You partner directly with a leading web studio

Unlike other web builder tools that require you to do all the heavy lifting, Driver allows you to partner with a leading web studio, Avenue (the platform’s creators).

We manage and deliver the project for you, providing you with all the cost benefits of using a cutting-edge, lead-gen focused web platform, and a fully managed project delivery by a globally recognized, specialist web studio.

2. It’s strategically focused on delivering a high-performing website

Driver delivers a strategic solution that provides the essential aspects needed to have an effective, high-performing website.

It strips away all the unneeded excess from standard web design themes and web builder products, allowing for strong and effective brand integration within a best practice UX and UI design solution. It is easily created and maintained, and it is entirely scalable for future needs.

3. It’s driven by a “Customer-Centric” strategic process

The first step in the process is the completion of a proven web strategy, where Avenue guides you through the strategy process to ensure a considered plan is in place.

Through a focused and structured questionnaire, Avenue draws essential information and understanding about your business, which is then explored further in a workshop meeting with Avenue where you clarify and discuss key points in depth.

The result is a thorough understanding of your business that informs key strategic decisions within the website solution.

4. Best practice UX & UI Design

Driver allows for effective brand integration within a modern, lead generation-focused website solution that allows for effective market and brand positioning.

We consult with you to understand your brand guidelines and required visual design direction, and strategically determines the site structure.

This process allows for a website user experience design that is intuitive and a pleasure to use, with flexible use of a wide range of focused content modules that enable effective communication and presentation of information to ensure it powerfully connects with target audiences.

5. Peace of Mind through leading-edge technology

Driver is developed using a “headless” development model that provides significant benefits over traditional website build approaches, including blistering-fast page load speed, scalability, and security.


Driver offers SMEs a high-performing website with premium UX/UI design, leading-edge technology, and a customer-centric strategic process for effective communication and business growth.

Brenton Cannizzaro, Digital Business Director, Avenue
Driver is the solution to the many problems faced by web builder tools. It’s a compelling option for SMEs who want a high-performing website that effectively communicates their organization to convert visitors into leads.

Driver provides a strategic web platform with premium UX and UI design that is built with leading-edge technology to deliver blistering fast websites devoid of the issues found in cheap web builders.

With a customer-centric strategic process that dictates the required website solution, you can be assured that your website will effectively communicate your organization’s story to drive business growth.

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