Integration of Getsitecontrol software platform

Getsitecontrol is a versatile, easy to use website engagement and lead generation software tool that enables you to create and manage a variety of customizable widgets and pop-ups; all focused on boosting conversions.

Available in the following Driver version:   ✅ SLEEK  +  ✅ JAM-PACKED

The benefits of integrating Getsitecontrol pop-ups

With Getsitecontrol integrated into the Driver web platform, you can easily design and implement pop-up widgets to:

  • capture leads,
  • conduct surveys,
  • promote special offers,
  • display announcements,
  • collect targeted feedback,
  • and more.

Getsitecontrol features

Getsitecontrol offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create visually appealing widgets without any coding skills.

The software provides a wide range of widgets, including:

  • email subscription forms,
  • contact forms,
  • social media follow buttons,
  • live chat boxes, and
  • exit-intent pop-ups, among others.

These widgets can be easily customized to match your Driver website’s brand direction and styling.


Advanced targeting & segmentation

One of the key features of Getsitecontrol is its advanced targeting and segmentation options, which enable users to display widgets to specific segments of their website visitors based on factors such as:

  • location,
  • traffic source,
  • browsing behavior,
  • and more.

These advanced targeting and segmentation options allows for highly personalized and relevant messaging to different audience segments, maximizing the effectiveness of the widgets.


Analytics & reporting

Getsitecontrol also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing users to track the performance of their widgets in terms of:

  • views,
  • conversions,
  • click-through rates,
  • and other important metrics.

This data can be used to optimize and fine-tune widget performance for better results.


The process of integrating Getsitecontrol

Getsitecontrol can easily be integrated into a Driver website at any of the following stages:

  1. During the setup of your Driver website (no installation fee)
  2. Any time after launch as part of an on-going Driver Support agreement (no installation fee)
  3. Any time you wish following launch of your website (small installation fee applies if you don’t have a support agreement)

Please note: A subscription with Getsitecontrol is required to integrate with Driver.



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